The first student car-sharing app

Why car-sharing?

Six reasons why car-sharing is a better alternative than public transport:
More reliable

More reliable

Indicate the exact departure time you want to leave and let other passengers know of any delays or last-minute changes.

More confortable

More comfortable

Avoid jam-backed buses, use a more comfortable way to travel.

Be more independent

Be more independent

Do not stick to timetables anymore, decide at what time you want to leave.

More social

More social

Meet students from your course or university and build new relationships with them.

More affordable

More affordable

While passengers pay a lower price for a lift, drivers share their costs of fuel and parking.

More environmental-friendly

More environmental-friendly

With fewer cars on roads, we aim at reducing air pollution, oil and gas consumption and parking infrastructure in universities.

How it works

Search/List your ride

1. Search/List your ride

Book a ride at the tap of a button, or list your ride in a few clicks only.

Meet your driver/passengers

2. Meet your driver/passengers

The departure address will be indicated by the driver in his listing. Our map will guide you to the departure.

Pay your driver

3. Pay your driver in cash

Drivers set a price per passenger (between £0 and £3) which is indicated in their listing. Passengers pay their driver in cash at destination.


Have a look at our frequently asked questions

Registration (5)

Where can I download the app?
Download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play.
Who can register on the app?
At the moment, only Warwick students can register on the app. At registration, we will ask you to provide a valid Warwick email address to verify you are a student from Warwick University.
Why do we verify your email address?
Email verification is a safety measure for us to verify your identity and ensure you entered a valid email address. To activate your account, you will have to enter the verification code we sent you (in your Warwick mailbox).
What happens if I forgot my password?
If you forget your password, click on ‘forgot your details’ and we will send you another one by email. If you wish to have your own password, you can also edit the one we sent you and create your own one.
Should I complete my profile?
After registering, we highly recommend you to complete your profile and upload a profile picture. You can provide further information about yourself such as a brief description, your age, your studies etc. Remember the more complete your profile is, the higher the chances of finding the ideal passenger or driver.

Safety & other issues (4)

How do we ensure user safety?
We are building a trusted community of students and want to make this platform as safe as possible. That is why, at the moment, the app is limited to Warwick students. We are also working on a feedback system (to be implemented very soon) where students will be able to evaluate their car-sharing experience and rate their driver or passengers. We take your feedbacks and complaints very seriously and constantly work on the service to improve your experience with us. Feel free to contact us at contact@unidriveapp.co.uk or via our Facebook page.
What happens if the driver runs late?
If the driver runs late, we recommend passengers to call or message him. If no response from the driver after 10-15 minutes waiting, we would recommend to look for an alternative.
What happens if a passenger runs late?
If a passenger is late, it is totally up to you. Technically, you are allowed to leave without him, but we recommend you to get in touch with him first (go to his profile and find his phone number), as the passenger can be on his way and arrive any moment.
How can I get in touch with UniDrive?
If you have any questions or complaints regarding the service, feel free to drop us a message at contact@unidriveapp.co.uk and we will respond very shortly.

How it works (7)

Take a ride
How do I book a ride?
Once registered, you can start searching for drivers next to you by clicking ‘Take a ride’. We will ask you to provide further information such as departure, destination, day and time; and a list of rides will appear on your screen based on your search.
Do I have to pay for a ride?
It depends on what the driver indicates in his listing. If he sets a price per passenger, then each passenger has to pay him the amount in cash at destination. If the driver offers the ride for free, then you do not have to pay anything. The price of the ride is set by the driver beforehand (either £0, £1, £2 or £3 per passenger) and will be indicated before you book it.
Can I cancel my ride?
Yes, at the moment both drivers and passengers can cancel their ride anytime before the departure, without any penalty fee.
Give a ride
How do I list a ride?
If you have a car and wish to share it with other students, click on ‘Give a ride’. When listing your ride, we will ask you to provide further information about your ride (departure, destination, time, date, number of seats, price per passenger etc). Your listing will appear in your 'Drive History' (Menu). When entering the departure or destination, we would recommend drivers to give specific addresses and not just city names.
Can I mention a specific location on campus?
Yes. When listing your ride, you will be able to add further information in the optional field and indicate where exactly on campus you want to pick up passengers. It can be 'outside the SU', 'outside the Library', 'outside the Sport Center' etc...
Can I cancel my ride?
Both drivers and passengers can cancel their ride or booking anytime before the departure, without any penalty fee.
How much money can I make on UniDrive?
When listing your ride, drivers must set a price per passenger, which may vary between £0 and £3. To give you an idea, if you give a lift to three students five times per week, you could easily make between £30 and £45 per week.


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